“What is a mere individual to do? Live as sane and decent a life as you can, love your family and friends and understand that everybody is in this together." 

 · Ron Smith

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Speaking on the record about the sequester:

“I am not a dictator, I’m the President.”

“I never want to make myself 100% clear with you guys.”

“Let’s be clear. None of this is necessary.”

 Obama speaks about the sequester in Washington

Photo By Kevin Lamarque / Reuters/Reuters

“I am prepared to do hard things and push my Democratic friends to do hard things.”

“Sometimes I reflect, you know, is there something else I could do to make these guys — I’m not talking about the leaders now, but maybe some of the House Republican caucus members — not paint horns on my head?”

“There is a caucus of common sense up on Capitol Hill. Right now, it’s just silent.”

“I’m going to keep pushing for high quality pre-school for every family that wants it.”

"It's happening because Republicans in Congress chose this outcome over closing a single wasteful tax loophole that helps reduce the deficit."

“There will be no easy off ramps on this one.”

June Smith founded this tribute website in honor of her late husband, Ron Smith, WBAL Talk Show Host, Emmy Award winner, and Baltimore Sun Columnist. Smith was a media titan in Maryland and beyond or almost forty years. Mrs. Smith is working diligently to raise one million dollars for the Ron Smith Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund at Johns Hopkins. She blogs for Red Maryland www.RedMaryland.Blogspot.com; her email is june@friendsofronsmith.com.


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