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 · Ron Smith


Doug sent a link and this comment: "Nice part-time work if you can get it."

Check it out:


Ron would have been all over this!

I laughed outloud at the double entendre.

Thanks, Doug, for the link and the laugh.



News from Bulletmore, Murderland  

March 14, 2014: “A man who pleaded guilty in connection with the fatal beating of financial analyst Zachary Sowers in Southeast Baltimore has been indicted on a federal gun charge.” http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/maryland/crime/blog/bs-md-gun-charge-20140314,0,7151521.story 

None of us who listened to Ron's show will ever forget the tragic Zach Sowers story and hearing Ron read Pat Jessamy's spokesperson Marty Burns' reprehensible comments about the case:

"Margaret Burns, spokeswoman for Baltimore State’s Attorney Patricia Jessamy, called [Anna] Sowers courageous but questioned the widow’s refusal to order an autopsy. Prosecutors called evidence slim — ‘a partial fingerprint from [the main attacker] and no eyewitnesses at the scene.’ Burns expressed doubts about Zach Sowers’ brain injuries, saying neurologists told prosecutors that overall, the injuries were inconsistent with those of a beating victim.

 "The truth of the matter is, Zach’s injury was on one side of this face, and he looked like a sleeping baby when he arrived” at the hospital, Burns told Exhibit A. ‘The injuries were not consistent with this horrible pummeling—it appeared that when he fell down, he had collapsed after being hit. We know he was kicked, he fell and hit his head, he fell between two cars. He probably injured something in the fall or he had a pre-existing condition. There was no evidence of the vicious beating, no evidence of stomping.’

“Burns added: ‘We had not wanted to go against this poor woman. Everything she says to you is not 100 accurate...’"

Ron was committed to seeing that the truth be told in this case and, unlike the mainstream media, did everything he could to support Anna, expose Mrs. Jessamy’s and Ms. Burns’ actions, and see that justice was served.

No doubt if Ron were still broadcasting on the “Mighty 1090”, he’d be ranting about this “man charged in Zach Sowers beating death faces gun charges” story.

One can imagine his reaction to this line from the Sun article referring to Anna’s outrage in October 2007 at the outcome of the trial and the ridiculous sentencing of the thugs responsible for Zack’s death:
"Sowers' widow, Anna Cheng, criticized the sentences as too light."

Friday, Ms. Cheng said she was ”shocked but also not shocked at the same time because these kids were just really bad kids, so I'm not surprised that they came out of jail and went right back into the system."  http://www.wbaltv.com/news/man-involved-in-zach-sowers-beating-death-faces-gun-charges/24978074#ixzz2w4ldjHBh

Ron wouldn’t have been shocked or surprised either. Nor are many of us.

As he said years ago, "If ever there was a case where the monsters should be locked up and the keys thrown away, it is this one.” 

Posted by June Smith @ RMN: RED MARYLAND NETWORK  (3/16/14)  redmaryland.blogspot.com - The Premier blog of conservative and Republican politics and ideas in the Free State named one of Maryland's best political blogs by the Washington Post.



The esteemed Ellen Sauerbray shared some thoughts and information today:

More grinding America down: U.S. is giving up what little control it had of the Internet, alarming those who depend on a smooth operation of the net.  As Speaker Gingrich tweeted:  “What is the global internet community that Obama wants to turn the internet over to? This risks foreign dictatorships defining the internet.”  There has been a move for several years to give away the internet, which was invented here and thrived here, to the U.N.  China, Russia, Brazil, India and other UN members have long wanted to share control. 

I hope you will take a few minutes to watch this video – “France’s Reckoning – Rich, Young Flee the Welfare State.  Like France, we have a President who doesn’t like “the rich” (except his own buddies).  The crippling tax burden in France is driving those with resources and those who are seeking opportunity to flee and France is on the way to becoming one of the poorest countries in Europe.  This video shows where we are headed.


Most white collar employees expect to work until the job is done, not push a time clock.   But Obama knows better and using his famous pens is going to require employers to pay overtime for salaried workers, such as fast-food shift supervisors or convenience store managers, who may be expected to work more than 40 hours a week without receiving overtime pay.   Businesses will either raise prices or lay off people when their costs go up. I wonder how many  jobs this will cost?  Like the minimum, wage. You can’t earn overtime if you don’t have a job!

Former GE CEO Jack Welch was on CNBC this week and had some great advice for the GOP. Welch said that the Republican Party needs to stop talking about 2016 and focus on its current mission: "The mission is win the Senate. Get Harry Reid's butt out of there!"

The federal government is considering tying nutritional standards to reversing “global warming”. The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC) -- yeah, hadn't heard of them either -- is drafting "Dietary Guidelines for Americans." According to The Washington Free Beacon, the panel "is responsible for creating new nutrition standards that are used to create policy at the federal level."   One participant advised more plant-based dieting and less herding of meaty stock because "methane production by cattle" heavily contributes to environmental hazards.

Meanwhile, a bill in Annapolis from the food police would have outlawed serving sodas and juice with a child’s “Happy Meal”.

ABC News-Washington Post, NBC News-Wall Street Journal) in recent weeks have found that Americans are more likely to vote against candidates who support amnesty than for them."  Why do the wizards of smart within the Republican establishment continue to push a policy that will sink the party in the future? 

Here is what happened in the swing district in the Florida special election: The Democrat candidate Sink was for amnesty “Immigration reform is important in our country,” Sink said. “We have a lot of employers over on the beaches that rely upon workers and especially in this high-growth environment, where are you going to get people to work to clean our hotel rooms or do our landscaping? We don’t need to put those employers in a position of hiring undocumented and illegal workers.”

The Republican Jolly called her comments "disgusting,"  and stated, “We are a loving and caring nation, but we are also a nation of laws, and it is important that those who have broken the law recognize that," He also ran a commercial that declared that he was for "stronger borders. Not amnesty.  He won.  She lost!

Breitbart reports that Dr. Ben Carson told a gathering at The New York Meeting this week, Breitbart that just like Germany under Hitler’s reign, "the government using its tools to intimidate the population" is manifesting in the United States in 2014… “a society where people are afraid to say what they actually believe,"

"Our practical choice is not between a tax-cut deficit and a budgetary surplus. It is between two kinds of deficits: a chronic deficit of inertia, as the unwanted result of inadequate revenues and a restricted economy; or a temporary deficit of transition, resulting from a tax cut designed to boost the economy, increase tax revenues, and achieve - and I believe this can be done - a budget surplus. The first type of deficit is a sign of waste and weakness; the second reflects an investment in the future."  -- President John F. Kennedy, Dec 14, 1962, address to the Economic Club, New York.

Comments by Lawrence Kudlow and Brian Donitrivic:

"JFK understood that high tax rates, even on the rich, bring inequities into the nation's political economy that do not benefit America's tradition of liberty and constitutional rule. He also understood that devaluing tax preferences, as tax cuts do, frees up capital to move to its most naturally productive purpose and spur economic growth."

Four out of five U.S. companies have either already raised deductibles on their employee health plans or are considering it thanks to Obamacare, according to a survey of over 700 businesses by consulting firm Mercer LLC. A third of the companies surveyed have already hiked deductibles or co-pays and another 48 percent are contemplating options.

Thank you, Ellen. You are a true patriot.