“What is a mere individual to do? Live as sane and decent a life as you can, love your family and friends and understand that everybody is in this together." 

 · Ron Smith


A message from the brilliant “Bitter Jim”, longtime Ron listen and e-mailer who has a keen sense of observation:

Last night I saw a rather impressive ad for the Crown Prince's gubernatorial campaign on one of the local television stations.

Didn't Denzel Washington or Will Smith star as Anthony Brown in a movie a few years ago?


Bitter Jim

Eagerly awaiting the Party's next election victory.

Thanks, Bitter Jim. I needed a good laugh!



Now that the Pentagon will be opening front line combat jobs to the 14% of women in the 1.4 million member active-duty military, gender-neutral (formally known as “unisex”) physical fitness tests are being developed to determine who is qualified for those jobs.

It’s an objective test to develop whether soldiers have the combat ability to take on combat duties. Unlike the standard physical endurance tests, these tests will match skill sets and attributes to the right job. An example: wearing 73-pounds of gear, a soldier must pull a 100-pound bag of equipment out of a tank turret.

Thus, such testing will be “more fair” for women.

Although women already serve in combat roles, flying warplanes, etc., by law they “cannot be assigned below brigade level -- a unit of about 3,500 troops -- to fight,” keeping them out of infantry, artillery, armor, combat engineers and special ops units of a battalion size of 700 or less troops.

Army Maj. Gen. Bennet Sacolick, director of force management for U.S. Special Operations Command, said "‘cultural’ assimilation will be as important for women as passing physical fitness standards.” Special Operations Command is “surveying its troops to determine their attitudes about integration.”

He also noted the “privacy and health concerns for women operating in austere environments in 12-member special operations teams. Currently, there are about 15,500 special operations positions closed to women.

If Ron were discussing this on his show, no doubt John Ritter’s “Girl In The War”
(published by Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing) would be playing in the background.

Give it a listen at Josh Ritter - Girl In The War Lyrics | MetroLyrics. It sums up Ron’s opinion of women in combat as he said on air many times. 

“I got a girl in the war man, I wonder what it is we done.” – Josh Ritter


Sheila Jackson Lee Thinks the Constitution is 400 Years Old
Posted By Washington Free Beacon Staff On March 12, 2014 (4:08 pm) In Politics

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D., Texas) declared the U.S. Constitution to be 400 years old Wednesday on the House floor, which would mean it was signed in 1614.

“Maybe I should offer a good thanks to the distinguished members of the majority, the Republicans, my chairman and others, for giving us an opportunity to have a deliberative constitutional discussion that reinforces the sanctity of this nation and how well it is that we have lasted some 400 years, operating under a constitution that clearly defines what is constitutional and what is not,” she said.

That would be seven years after Jamestown, Virginia became America’s first permanent English settlement.

Lee is off by only 173 years. It was adopted on Sep. 17, 1787.

Article taken from Washington Free Beacon - http://freebeacon.com
URL to article: http://freebeacon.com/sheila-jackson-lee-thinks-the-constitution-is-400-years-old/


Two great comments on the Faux Urgent & Growing Public Health Crisis to share:

From Steve R:

“I'm of the humble opinion that the only real ‘urgent & growing public health crisis’ facing us today is the growing number of knuckle-heads & nitwits in this here guv'ment!

From LaneyB:  

“To The World of IQs Below That of Lettuce,

“When those who have power cannot handle real threats and obligations, they prey upon the woes and sorrows of the most likely to be dysfunctional. Though drugs and their effects have run roughshod over the generation born after 1960, thoroughly destroying a once-moral nation with an acknowledged and accepted belief in the dictates of personal responsibility, politicians pander to minorities and groups who have never developed self-control or personal/cultural values that promote success and self-reliance. Unfortunately, in this modern age of narcissism and instant gratification, it is easy for autocrats to scare the public because they expect that the least functioning will believe any headline that screams at the masses. 

“Let the addicts commit suicide. That's what they want anyway or they wouldn't have made the decision to allow such a substance to become a need by simply saying, ‘That's not good for me,’ and opening a book.”

Thanks, Steve R and LaneyB, for your comments and keeping the discussion going. Ron would have loved them!

And we would all have enjoyed his rant on this topic. 

Miss him every day and we really need his Voice of Reason now more than ever.