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 · Ron Smith


Say it ain't so.

But it is...

Despite Clinton: O'Malley in Iowa amid 2016 talk



President Obama hasn’t responded to my email yet but I did get this message from the White House today —along with the masses of uninformed voters who put him there and those scalawags who have been snared by the IT Email Auto-Response Czar.

There’s an option to unsubscribe but this is great grist for my mill. And, The White House has asked me to pass it on. It’s my civic duty.

Brace yourself: The VP has the white board marker. Yep, that’s the headline of this missive. You can’t make this stuff up, folks.

The VP has the white board marker:

"Over the past couple years, administration officials have picked up a marker and taken to our 'White House white board' to explain how to fix our immigration system, break down how health reform helps your day-to-day life, and outline exactly what our budget's paying for.

"Today, Vice President Joe Biden is taking the pen, and he's talking about something he knows like the back of his hand:

"The current state of our country's crumbling roads and bridges -- and exactly why it's so important to invest in them right now.

You're going to want to watch this one. Take a look, and pass it on: 

"Our roads and bridges do far more than get people and goods from Point A to Point B.

"A high-quality transportation system keeps jobs here in America, allows our businesses to grow, and keeps down the prices of household goods.

"Our country's infrastructure crisis isn't a far-off problem: 65% of our major roads are rated in less than good condition. 25% of our bridges require significant repair or can't handle today's traffic.

"It looks like Congress is going to act soon to pass a short-term resolution that would continue to fund the projects fixing our roads and bridges -- but we need to solve the problem, not just kick the can down the road.

Watch the Vice President explain the need for a long-term investment, and break down exactly what our plan looks like.

"Then, be sure to pass this one on."

This is what passes for information for we, the people, from the White House.  “America’s Happy Warrior”, as Obama called VP Joe after winning the last election, has the white board marker.

Imagine what it cost the taxpayers to put together this boowah, bushwah, blah blah about the "current state of our country's crumbling roads and bridges" and "why it's so important to invest in them right now."

How about the national debt, our failing foreign policy, unemployment, illegal immigrants, growing inflation, the fact that studies have shown that medical bills are one of the major causes of declaring bankruptcy in the U.S., and our spiraling status as a Super Power?

That's what should be on the White House White Board and that's just for starters. And “America’s Happy Warrior” shouldn’t be the one with the pen.

Pass it on.



Thinking of Ron today as I do every day. We need the Voice of Reason now more than ever as the World is watching America.

"And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not."

The Gospel According To John, 1:5, KSV


Who'da thunk it? A couple of days ago the President and I finally agreed on something.  Today, I’m agreeing with Senator Dianne Feinstein, chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

I’m sure she’d be thrilled but I didn’t bother sending her an email that like I did the President as doing so requires senders to sign up for the Senator’s email newsletter. That’s optional when submitting an email addressed to the President—until the White House finds out about Mrs. Feinstein’s snare and no doubt that will change.

During a recent interview on MSNBC, the Senator from California who has served since 1992, said, “I’m not going to tell the president what to do [regarding the crisis in Ukraine]. But I think the world would very much respect his increased attention on this matter. And I think there ought to be increased attention.”

There you have it. Who says there’s no such thing as bipartisanship.

Senator Feinstein said she’s “not going to tell the president what to do” but maybe she and Senate Intelligence Committee pals should powwow and flip a coin or whatever it is they do to make a decision to see which shaman should screw his or her courage to a sticking-place and be swiftly transported to the White House by his or her armed guards to tell the President what to do.

Hey, I’m not swinging over to the Left. I just know the World is watching.