“What is a mere individual to do? Live as sane and decent a life as you can, love your family and friends and understand that everybody is in this together." 

 · Ron Smith


Ron often said that our government protects us from the things that do not harm us and subjects us to things that do.

How right he was.

We desperately need more people like Ron Smith, the true voice of reason -- people of integrity and good humor who stand on well-defined principles but can be civil and open to those who don't agree.

A free society cannot exist for long where discussions only take place in competing echo chambers that serve only to inbreed and reinforce ignorance. God help us...

Smith--a common name, an uncommon man.  Ron truly was the voice of reason.

Speaking of reason, here are some of reasonable things to consider:

-That current day patriotism is debatable. What is patriotic to some is not so to others. How else can the Democrats vs. Republicans conundrum be explained?

-That we are a divided nation, growing more divided every day.

-That we cannot have a discussion about race without being considered a racist.

-That only 43% of Americans pay taxes.

-That those in power will never vote for term limits so it isn't likely that we will ever have true representation?

-That the red line in the sand in Syria disappeared a long time ago.

-That the loss of our constitutional liberties continues under the pretense of fighting "terror".

-That the "Republican'ts" can’t get the job done. That they don’t know what to do wrong next. Where is the leadership?

All they ever do is cave in or compromise and we all know what that means: Give in, give up, go home and run for re-election.

-That you don’t hear much about John Boehner these days except that Americans’ opinion of the House Speaker has worsened in recent months, according to a Gallup poll released Monday.

According to the poll, fifty percent of Americans have an unfavorable opinion of Boehner while twenty eight percent have a favorable opinion.

I suppose the other twenty two percent of Americans’ asked to participate in the poll chose not to do so.

But it really doesn’t matter, does it? So what if fifty percent of the Americans polled have a lower opinion of Boehner than they did a couple of months ago?

It’s not going to change anything.

They don’t like Boehner. I don’t like squid.  That’s that. Even Steven.

This isn’t even a quid pro quo or a squid pro quo. It’s just what passes for news these days.

I couldn’t resist Googling Gallup. They have nearly 40 offices in more than 20 countries with World headquarters in Washington DC and Operational headquarters in Omaha.

There are about 1,200 employees in the privately held company.

Gallup’s current Chairman and CEO is Jim Clifton and there is no annual compensation data available for Mr. Clifton.

Good luck trying to find out Gallup’s net worth. That data isn’t available, either because they are a privately held company.

But I digress…

We are now a glacier nation frozen by political correctness and tolerance and kept in place by the large number of what I call the American Legion of Uninformed Voters.

So much for hope and change. And we have two years and more than one hundred days under the leadership of a president who was re-elected despite a four-year record of failure.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, folks.

Oh my.



As if anyone needed another reason to vote for Larry Hogan...

Remember that little matter recently when Maryland officials lowered the projections of state tax revenue for this year and next by a combined FOUR HUNDRED FIVE MILLION DOLLARS and blamed it on an economy that is still recovering at a more sluggish pace than expected.

That’s the first time I’d heard any mention from the Governor or Anthony Brown that Maryland’s economy is still recovering at a more sluggish pace than expected.

But I know why: It’s an election year so they are claiming it is a “lowering of projections”.

I’m saying it is a shortfall.

The definition of shortfall in finance is the amount by which a financial obligation or liability exceeds the amount of cash that is available.

A shortfall often indicates poor financial management practices and if a significant concern for a company, and is usually corrected promptly through short-term loans or equity injections.

But this doesn’t apply to the State of Maryland because Maryland isn’t a company.

If Maryland was a company, it would have gone out of business years ago.

But back to the wildly missed the administration’s projections.  

I get it. Some budget analysts missed the projection – but what I don’t get is how they missed the projection by four hundred five thousand million dollars.

If you work in the private sector and missed a budget projection by four hundred five thousand million dollars, you’d be fired. 

But that’s not the case with Maryland Government employees. I’m just saying…

Ah, Maryland, my Maryland: The higher the tax rate, the lower the Revenue. 

Move along folks, there’s nothing to see here.

Oh my.

As if anyone needed another reason to vote for Larry Hogan...




More than three weeks ago, the federal judge overseeing the case of “alleged” Boston Marathon bombing suspect delayed the trial start date for two months despite the Defense request for a ten month delay.

The judge said a two month delay would provide quote “additional, though limited time” for the Defense to prepare for the trial.

I know the wheels of justice grind slowly but it has been one year and five months since three people were killed and more than 260 people were injured when two pressure cooker bombs hidden in backpacks were left near the finish line of the annual marathon.

That tragedy took place in April twenty thirteen. One year and five months ago.

The judge rejected a defense request to move the case out of the Boston area and set the final pre-trial conference date for December eighteenth, twenty fourteen.

That makes it one year and seven months and eighteen days after the tragedy in Boston and it’s only in the pre-trial conference stage.

In the meantime, the “alleged” suspect remains in protective custody with three hots and a cot courtesy of the United States Justice System. Oh my.

By the way, the sister of the “accused” Boston Marathon Bomber claims she never made any of the bomb threats that recently landed her behind bars in Manhattan.

She turned herself in to the New York Police Department on August twenty seventh and was charged with misdemeanor aggravated harassment over the threats she allegedly made to the Harlem woman.

She “allegedly” told the Harlem woman that "I know people that can put a bomb where you live.”

Her lawyer said that being the sister of Boston Marathon bomb suspect has made her an easy target for prosecution. 

“Easy Target?” Easy target?  – that’s a rather ironic phrase to use, isn’t it?


According to the Associated Press (AP), with cool weather returning, it is expected that the numbers flooding across our uncontrollable Southern border will increase dramatically. 

Imagine that.

And, as predicted, the majority of illegal immigrants released around the U.S. have failed to show up for the appointments to determine if they are eligible for asylum in the U.S.  

Failed to show up for their appointments?   Failed to show up?

The Department of Homeland Security has acknowledged “privately” that tens of thousands of young families caught crossing the border illegally earlier this year subsequently failed to meet with federal immigration agents, as they had been so instructed to do.

And an official with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement revealed that about 70% of the immigrant families the Obama administration released into the U.S. never showed up weeks later for follow up appointments.  Seventy percent. Seventy percent!

The Obama Administration refuses to report on where these "New Americans" are located and has not specified the total number of families released into the U.S.

As the AP reported, since only a few hundred families have already been returned to their home countries and limited U.S. detention facilities can house only about 1,200 family members, the 70% figure suggests the government released roughly forty one thousand members of immigrant families who subsequently failed to appear at federal immigration offices.

Of the more than 860 people ordered for deportation since being “caught” at the border in May, only 14 people have reported as ordered.

The Homeland Security Department did not dispute this information.

Oh my.