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 · Ron Smith


“The Dint of Hard Work” 

In today’s Washington Post, Philip Rucker reported that “Hillary Rodham Clinton defended scrutiny on her and her husband’s personal wealth by contrasting herself in an interview published Sunday with other multimillionaires who are ‘truly well off.’”

“The comment immediately drew scorn from Republicans, who have highlighted a series of stumbles the former secretary of state and potential 2016 Democratic presidential candidate has made on her book tour this month when talking about her personal fortune and six-figure speaking fees,” Rucker wrote.

“In an interview with Britain's Guardian newspaper, Clinton was asked whether she could be a credible champion for fighting income inequality in the United States despite her wealth.

“‘But they don’t see me as part of the problem,’ she told the paper, ‘because we pay ordinary income tax, unlike a lot of people who are truly well off, not to name names; and we’ve done it through dint of hard work.’ The Guardian wrote that Clinton let off ‘another burst of laughter’ in answering the question, suggesting that she found the question ‘painful.’

“Clinton and her husband, former president Bill Clinton, have earned well over $100 million giving paid speeches and writing books since leaving the White House in 2001.

Rucker wrote that “Clinton’s quote could be interpreted in multiple ways. Rather than suggesting that she is not ‘truly well off,’ she may be counting herself among the ‘truly well off’ but saying that she, unlike other multimillionaires, pays ‘ordinary income tax.’ A Clinton spokesman did not respond to a request for clarification of her remarks.”

The “dint of hard work”? There’s no doubt that Mrs. Clinton works hard. It’s the work that she does that worries me.

Since it’s likely that she will be the next President of what I call Newmerica —because it sure isn’t the America I grew up in—here are some of my thoughts about The Woman Who Will Be Queen and replace Obama even though he would prefer to remain President For Life.

The American Dream is gone. Obama is not only a threat to the Constitution, he’s moving us toward socialism more and more every day.

And Mrs. Clinton?  Her “What difference does it make” comment when she testified before Congress about Benghazi sums her up nicely.  She left the hearing unscathed without even as much as a rap across her gnarly knuckles.

She’s an Untouchable. Forgettaboutit.

I recently caught a glimpse of her on MSNBC interview. She’s tan, rested, and on a book tour for her so-called epic story titled “Hard Choices.”

The book, by the way, has bombed. Larry Clifton reported in www.examiner.com last week that Simon & Schuster reportedly gave her a $14 million advance on the book.  He wrote that “Apparently, S&S got Clinton’s book excerpts mixed up with Stephen King’s latest thriller.

“Why else,” Clifton said, “would the veteran publishing house pay that kind of money for a book even liberal media outlets are describing as a real snoozer.

“Of course, Mrs. Clinton is lamenting over being ‘dead broke’ after living in the White House as American’s First Lady 8 years did set the book up for a fair amount of ridicule. After all, it’s sort of hard to imagine Hillary outside the Oval Office scrounging together enough money to pay the pizza guy.

“However, there is a growing consensus among political pundits from both sides of the aisle, not to mention book reviews, that Mrs. Clinton’s book should have been titled “Boring Choices.” 

But she’s officially on a book tour?  Book tour? With a tour bus, secret service protection, advance teams and pre-planned rallying crowds? Sounds like a political campaign to me whether the book is a bomb or not

Mrs. Clinton recently disclosed that she hasn’t driven a car herself since 1966 so she needs a book tour bus and a driver. And she’s entitled to Secret Service protection for live after leaving office as are all former presidents and first ladies. 

She’s unique among former first ladies as she has had no time away from public office.  First she was the First Lady, then the carpet bagging Senator from New York and then Secretary of State where she oversaw the bar-b-que-ing of a U.S. Ambassador.

But I digress. In a show of bipartisanship, at a recent stop, she handed a copy of “Hard Choices” to a Republican National Committee intern in a squirrel costume who is following her book tour. 

I’m in favor of dispensing with the 2016 Presidential primaries and the official election. Spare us the boowah, bushway, and blah blah of the candidates and their minions.

Spare us the debates where nothing of real importance is debated.  Spare us from the endless hours of the National Political Conventions. How many hours can you watch people in funny hats anyway?

Do you really think the Republican Party can come up with a viable candidate – one who can defeat Hilary Clinton?  These are the same folks who dress an intern in a squirrel outfit and send him out to follow her so-called book tour.

Obama should just pass the Scepter to her without running it by Congress and all the liberal nabobs and potentates and multimillionaires can celebrate the Coronation in royal style while the villagers and illegal immigrants celebrate with bon fires and luaus and government safety-inspected and controlled fireworks—all paid for by the overburdened taxpayers

The Republican Party is on life support. They don’t know what to do wrong next.

No wonder the Speaker of the House keeps biting his nails and copping a smoke on the House balcony. 

I don’t blame him.

As Ron used to say about the way the country was going, “Let’s just get on with it…”



June Smith / WCBM TALK RADIO 680 / Opening Monologue

June 20, 2014

The Feckless Obama indicated yesterday (June 19,2014) that he is prepared to order airstrikes in Iraq and that he will send up to 300 military advisors to the country to help the beleaguered government there.

Military advisors? That’s what we sent to Vietnam in the early sixties – and we all know how that turned out…

Obama says is “prepared”? What does that mean?  One prepares for disaster. One prepares for a camping trip. Using words like prepared or his usual “I’m gonna make sure” line are juvenile. They are not words a true leader uses.

He vowed not to send combat troops though, nor to allow “mission creep.”   We’ve heard that one before, too.

Under his Command, our troops gave it their all in Iraq – and it was all for nothing. Islamists don’t want democracy. They prove that every day.

Obama is arrogant enough to think he can talk them off the ledge. That’s not going to happen.

He refuses to recognize the enemies of the United States.

Here are some of the comments from the President’s remarks:

“Iran only works if it’s inclusive.” It’s a pity he doesn’t feel that way about America.

His message to Iraq: “Get going on this government formation…”

“Iraqi leaders must rise above their differences and come together around a political plan for Iraq’s future.”

“It’s going to take some long term strategy… It’s fluid. They’re filling a vacuum.” Yes, President Dyson – a vacuum you created.

“We can’t just play Whac A Mole with terrorists.” That is insulting on so many levels. That he would use such a term for this situation is outrageous.

After his statement, Obama also took some questions from reporters. I won’t bore you with any of that. We’ve heard it all before.

Every day I become more and more of a non-interventionist.

I believe that it would be in the best interest of our military and the families of those serving in “hot spots” and “danger zones” should be recalled immediately.

It pains me to think of all the lost lives, all the wounded veterans, and the sorrow that has befallen their families.

According to www.Antiwar.com, since the Iraq war began in March of 2003, thirty two thousand US soldiers have been wounded.

Casualties passed the one hundred thousand mark some time ago.

Three hundred thousand vets reportedly have brain injuries.

And we are all very aware of how our veterans are being mistreated by the VA.

There have been more than 2300 US military deaths in Afghanistan following the September 11, 2001 retaliation by the US and allied forces.

So then what happened? The Taliban regrouped in Pakistan and returned as an insurgency, targeting Western troops and the nascent Afghan state.

As the US winds down what has become the longest war in its history, Afghans are left to wonder whether any of the hard-won gains can be preserved.

And let us not forget the other US military actions and the lives lost and soldiers wounded in:


The Persian Gulf;

Bosnia and Herzegovina;

and Somalia.

We can’t even win the War on Poverty or the War on Drugs or the Boarder Wars.

No doubt this is the greatest country in the World. But unless bombs are falling on the US or its territories, we need to mind our own business.

I don’t have much use for NATO either. As you may know, NATO was created to protect Europe from the Soviets in 1948 at a time when Germany was divided and Europe had little hope of defending itself from a determined attack.

It is basically financed by the US – that means “us” – the taxpayers.

It’s difficult to determine how much money the US spends on NATO because the US budget line for NATO does not include much of the government’s actual spending on the military alliance and it does not include the cost of actual fighting under NATO auspices or the long-term maintenance of military forces and assets.

In my opinion, NATO has outlived its usefulness.

And I’m counting the days until Obama leaves the White House even though as Ron said, “It doesn’t matter who is elected president. We’re still screwed.”


Laney B. share this gem from The Wall Street Journal:

“In 1983, President Ronald Reagan said, "If history teaches anything, it teaches that simple-minded appeasement or wishful thinking about our adversaries is folly. It means the betrayal of our past, the squandering of our freedom." President Obama is on track to securing his legacy as the man who betrayed our past and squandered our freedom.” -- Dick Cheney

Mr. Cheney was U.S. vice president from 2001-09. Ms. Cheney was the deputy assistant secretary of state for near eastern affairs from 2002-04 and 2005-06.


Some of today’s top news items and some that pass for news items…

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From The Financial Times @ www.ft.com

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Health Day reports that “Recession linked to more than 10,000 suicides in North America, Europe…But countries can take steps to reduce self-harm cases during economic downturns, researchers say. Too depressing to click on that one.

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