“What is a mere individual to do? Live as sane and decent a life as you can, love your family and friends and understand that everybody is in this together." 

 · Ron Smith


No doubt this is the greatest nation in the world yet America has the lowest savings rate compared to any other developed nation.

We are a nation of are spenders.

Many people take on too much debt—to finance a new home, a car, an education, or by racking up debt on credit cards.

According to Nerd Wallet dot com’s 2014 U.S. household consumer debt profile, the average credit card debt is fifteen thousand, six hundred seven dollars. 

Those who only making the minimum payment on their credit card debt are paying one hundred thirty dollars and twenty cents in interest for every thousand dollars of debt they have incurred.

And, it’s going to take years to pay off the balance – especially if they keep incurring debt on those credit cards.

  • The average mortgage debt is one hundred fifty three thousand five hundred dollars
  • The average student loan debt is thirty-two thousand six hundred fifty six dollars.

In total, American consumers owe eleven point sixty three trillion dollars in debt –a three point eight percent increase over last year.

American consumers owe eight hundred eighty point five billion dollars in credit card debt.

American consumers owe eight point seven trillion dollars in mortgages – many of which are upside down

American consumers owe one thousand one hundred twenty point three billion dollars in student loans – an increase from eleven point five percent from last year.

It’s not just the Government that is in big debt. It’s many of the American people, as well.

Thirty-six percent of Americans don’t save anything for retirement.

Six thousand Americans turn sixty-five every day.

Many economists and industry experts are saying that unless Americans change their spending habits and learn how to save, we will soon be facing a full blown retirement crisis – a crisis that may be turn out to be a deeper and more harrowing experience than anyone has envisioned.

Social security and Medicare funding is deteriorating.

Many pension systems are growing weaker every day.

The retirement age is increasing.

It’s not a pretty picture.  So much for the “Golden Years” for so many Americans – especially those who will suffer from the unintended consequences of debt.

For those folks, if there is a pot at the end of the rainbow, it’s going to be empty.

And, most likely, those of us who have worked hard to maintain financial stability, not incur any unnecessary debt and seen to it that we have a retirement plan in place will end up sharing what little we have in our pots.

I’m just saying…


Obama’s America is sort of a big piñata from which all kinds of benefits flow – with hardly a hearty poke:

Let’s review:

Food Stamps

Unemployment payments

Tuition loans

Health Care


Farm crop subsidies

Subsidized mass transit

Early retirement for government workers

Subsidized mortgages and rents

And so on and so on…

NewAmerica’s motto should be “Relax and enjoy yourself at someone else’s expense.”

Just remember: Anything the government gives to anyone else was taken from you.


Dave Gibson had a very compelling piece in Examiner.com recently about the open borders virus that is killing our children.

Mr. Gibson was reporting on the Rhode Island State Health Department’s announcement of the death of the 10-year-old girl who died September 22, 2014 from the Entrocirus D68 (EV-D68).

Three other children who tested positive for EV-D68 have also died.

The Center for Disease Control claims that at there have only been six hundred or so cases of EV-D68 across 46 states and the District of Columbia, but Gibson wrote that the number of cases is believed to actually be in the thousands.

He cited a recent CNN report that Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City had seen nearly five hundred children for the virus since mid-August.

There are now 14 cases of the Virus in Texas -- in five counties.

EV-D68 is leaving children paralyzed, and with what many doctors believe will be permanent breathing difficulties.

Gibson wrote that “The virus seems to only be affecting children -- and that the outbreak began at the same time public schools across the country opened their doors for the new school year.

EV-D68 is not new. But what is new, says Gibson, “…is the dramatic jump in numbers of children showing up at hospitals around the country right now.”

As we all know, tens of thousands of Central American and Mexican children who came here illegally over the summer, began attending U.S. public schools in September.

By the way, where are these illegal children?

Oh, we don’t know because the government has not told us where they are located – nor has the government specified the total number of families released into the U.S.

Why? Because they are the government and they do whatever they damn well please.

So much for the interest of the public. So much for our children infected by EV-D68. So much for the loss of the children who have died from EV-D68. So much for the families who are grief-stricken over these tragic losses.

You know that very few of those children who entered the US illegally received proper medical screening.

Yet, they were enrolled in our schools with our children who can’t get in the front door of the school without having a pre-school physical examination and proof of vaccinations.

But I digress…

I agree with Gibson who says that although “The CDC seems to be--at least publicly-- puzzled over what is causing the outbreak, it should be noted that the agency is part of the Obama administration, and has likely been banned from making any correlation between the recent surge of illegal aliens into this country.”

For the record, the virus has only afflicted seventy Americans between 2009 and 2013.” 

I’m like Don Corleone on this one: I don’t believe in coincidences…

Yet now it is in 46 states and the District of Columbia.

Frighteningly, Gibson wrote, there also seems to be some confusion (or misinformation) as to how EV-D68 is spread...

He quoted Dr. Michael Smit of Rhode Island Hospital, who recently told NBC that they don't know exactly how it's spread but based on previous studies, they think it can be spread from contact, from touching hands to mouth, possibly from touching hard surfaces that somebody previously touched and then touched their face, or from person to person with either coughing or sneezing.

Well, that certainly narrows it down, doesn’t it? NOT.

Gibson says “The cause for this expanding epidemic can be laid at the feet of President Obama...”

He asks: “What can be said of a man, who over the objections of the U.S. Border Patrol, encourages scores of illegal aliens to come to this country, and then sends them to every corner of this nation, despite the obvious risk to our own children's health?”

He says that “Preventing the spread of communicable disease is the chief reason why we have immigration laws. However, Obama's promise to "fundamentally transform" this nation, seems to include the introduction of Third World illnesses, and the re-introduction of once-eradicated diseases such as Tuberculosis and polio.”

It’s hard to dispute what Mr. Gibson has reported.

It’s even harder to believe anything the CDC says or does.

We are already a nation facing so many risks.

Now we are a nation in the grips of a respiratory virus that is killing our children, paralyzing our children, and possibly leaving them with permanent breathing difficulties.

That the CDC finds this horrific virus affecting the children of this once great nation “puzzling” astonishes me -- even thought I know it shouldn’t.

I should be used to this by now. But I’m not. And I’m never going to be.

I have no faith in the CDC. I don’t believe a word they say. I don’t think they know what to do wrong next.

They are like Michael Phelps out of the pool…

The CDC has no idea how to protect we, the people, and our children.

Wouldn’t you think with an annual budget of eleven point three BILLION DOLLARS they would be able to come up with something? Anything?  An aspirin? Nyquil? Something?

We’re talking about a deadly disease that is killing our children – not to mention the deadly Ebola fiasco.

God help us.  The CDC can’t.


With ISIS taking more towns in Syria and, on the other front, closing in on Baghdad, President Obama’s strategy for “degrading and ultimately destroying” the Islamist psychos isn’t working.

Obama’s emphatic and repeated promise not to deploy new American combat forces in Iraq now appears to have put the president into an extremely awkward, indefensible and possibly impossible position.

Obama’s limited air campaign against ISIS has failed to stop the aggressive onslaught by the terror organization.

And many military experts have criticized the president’s “no boots on the ground” approach as anemic and ineffective.”

The greatest nation in the world now has an anemic and ineffective approach to this war.

A senior government official in Iraq is now claiming that up to ten thousand armed fighters for the Islamic State are amassed at the very gates of Baghdad, poised to assault the capital.

CNN has reported that ISIS forces have made major advances, leading Iraqi officials to plead for additional ground support from the U.S.-led coalition.

Here’s that plea: “Leaders in Iraq’s Anbar province pleaded for U.S. ground troops to halt the group’s rapid, relentless assault. Officials in Baghdad and Washington have not given recognition to their appeal.”

So while Obama continues to play golf, ISIS is expanding its control and its power rather than contracting it.

Clearly, the President’s plan is not working.

The Militant Group’s fighters are defeating the Iraqi Army west of Bagdad.

Obama told us this isn’t going to be a quick campaign, that there isn’t an easy fix for this.

He was right.

The President claims he is working on the ongoing effort to build the coalition and integrate the capabilities of each country into the border strategy – whatever that means.

According to the United Nations, the fighting in Iraq's western Anbar province had forced up to 180,000 people to flee their homes. Thousands more will be forced to do the same. It's tragic.

I don’t see any signs that Obama has a plan to fix this but it’s clear that ISIS has a plan and that it is working effectively.

Just another war without honor or humanitybrought to you by your Commander-in-Chief.

Oh my.